dimanche 2 août 2009

Kenny Rogers "The Heart Of The Matter" (1985)

1 - I Don't Wanna To Worry
2 - The Heart Of The Matter
3 - You Made Me Feel Love
4 - Morning Desire
5 - Don't Look In My Eyes
6 - The Best Of Me
7 - Tomb Of The Unknow Love
8 - People In Love
9 - I Can't Believe Your Eyes
10 - Our Perfect Song

Producer : George Martin
Guitars : Ian Bairnson, Paul Jackson Jr., Stanley Jordan, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Fred Tackett, Billy Joe Walker
Bass : Joe Chemay, Nathan East, Mo Foster, Neil Stubenhaus
Keyboards : Jim Cox, Ann Dudley, David Foster, John Hobbs, Jeremy Lubbock, Randy Waldman
Drums : Leon Chancler, Stuart Elliot, John "JR" Robinson
Percussion : Leon Chancler, Steve Leach, Richard Marx, John "JR" Robinson, Kin Vassy, Terry Williams
Saxophone : Gary Herbig, Lawrence Williams
Horns : James Galway, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Donnie Sanders, Jim Tatcher, Richard Todd
Strings : Jeremy Lubbock, George Martin
Harp : Gayle Levant
Background vocals : Joe Chemay, Nathan East, Richard Marx, David Morgan, Herb Pedersen, Kenny Rogers II & Terry Williams