mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Sandi Patti "Morning Like This" (1986)

1 - Let There Be Praise
2 - Hosanna
3 - Unshakeable Kingdom
4 - Shepherd Of My Heart
5 - Love In Any Language
6 - King Of Glory
7 - Face To Faith
8 - Was It A Morning Like This
9 - In The Name Of The Lord
10 - There Is A Savior

Producers : Greg Nelson & Sandi Patti
Guitars : John Darnall, Jon Goin
Bass : Mike Brignardello, Gary Lunn, Craig Nelson
Keyboards : Bill George, David Huntsinger, Shane Keister, Steve Milikan, Phil Naish
Drums : Mark Hammond, Paul Leim
Percussion : Farrell Morris
Saxophone : Dennis Good
Horns : Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach
Strings : Nashville String Machine
Background vocals : Tammy Boyer, Cozette Byrd, Pete Carlson, Rick Cua, Bev Darnall, John Darnall, Rick Gibson, Steve Green, Lynn Hodges, Bonnie Keen, Brent Lamb, Laurie Lamb, David Maddux, Pam Mark-Hall, David Martin, Marty McCall, Jon Mohr, Luanne Mohr, Keith Moore, Ellen Musick, Craig Patti, Mike Patti, Sandi Patti, Teresa Patti, Jane Sherberg, Jon Sherberg, Leah Taylor, Steve Taylor & Melody Tunney