vendredi 12 juin 2009

Michael Franks "Skin Dive" (1985)

1 - Read My Lips
2 - Let Me Count The Ways
3 - Your Secrets Safe With Me
4 - Don't Be Shy
5 - When I Give My Love To You
6 - Queen Of The Underground
7 - Now I Know Why (They Call It Falling)
8 - Please Don't Say Goodnight
9 - When She Is Mine

Producer : Rob Mounsey
Guitars : Hiram Bullock, Steve Khan, Hugh McCracken, Jeff Mironov
Bass : Ron Carter, Mark Egan, Neil Jason, Will Lee, Marcus Miller
Keyboards : Warren Bernhardt, Clifford Carter, Rob Mounsey
Drums : Steve Gadd, Danny Gotlieb, Andy Newmark, Chris Parker
Percussion : Manolo Badrena, Sue Evans, Danny Gotlieb
Saxophone : Michael Brecker, Ronnie Cuber, David Sanborn
Horns : Dave Bargeron, Jon Clark, Bill Evans, Jon Faddis, Lawrence Feldman, Peter Gordon, George Young
Vocals : Brenda Russell
Background vocals : Joe Caro, Vivian Cherry, Kacey Cisyk, Bobby Floyd, Frank Floyd, Michael Franks, Will Lee, Leslie Miller, Rob Mounsey & Brenda Russell