lundi 9 mars 2009

Leslie Pearl "Words And Music" (1982)

1 - Let's Go To Bed Early And Stay Up All Night
2 - If The Love Fits Wear It
3 - You Never Gave Up On Me
4 - Look Before You Love
5 - Love Makes Better Lovers
6 - The Ones Who Turn Me On
7 - You Can Do Better Than That
8 - There's Nothing So Expensive
9 - As A Woman Who's Free For The Night
10 - Anything But Yes Is Still A No
11 - You're The First Thing I Want But The Last Thing I Need

Producer : Leslie Pearl
Guitars : Nick Brown, Andrew Gold, John Tropea, George Wadenius
Bass : David Hungate, Will Lee, Chicao Rindner
Keyboards : John Hobbs, Robert K. Landrum, Leslie Pearl, Paul Shaffer
Drums : Michael Baird, Chris Parker, Scott Scheer
Percussion : Victor Feldman, Jimmy Maelen
Background vocals : Christine Faith, Kathy Ingraham, Edy Lehman, Helen Miles & Annette Saunders