dimanche 8 février 2009

Lenny Williams "Taking Chances" (1981)

1 - Freefall (Into Love)
2 - I'm Sorry
3 - Where There's A Will There's A Way
4 - The Way You Love Me
5 - Responsible Man
6 - Take A Long Last Look
7 - Who's Gonna Love You
8 - Standing In The Middle (Of A So Called Perfect Love Affair)
9 - Taking Chances

Producers : Andre Fischer, Dana Meyers, Sandy Newman, William Selby, Kevin Spencer & Lenny Williams
Guitars : Charles Fearing, Robben Ford, Donald Griffin, Paul Jackson Jr., Ray Parker Jr., Richard Randolph
Bass : Nathan East, Larry Graham, Kevin Spencer, Freddie Washington
Keyboards : Michael Boddicker, Ronnie Foster, Clydene Jackson, Clarence McDonald, William Shelby, Richard Smith
Drums : Ed Greene, Ricky Lawson, Wardell Potts, Rick Shlosser
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa, Victor Feldman
Horns : Greg Adams, Dave Boruff, Emilio Castillo, Charlie Davis, Mic Gillette, Gary Herbig, Alan Kaplan, Stephen Kupka, Ollie Mitchell, Lenny Pickett
Background vocals : Clydene Jackson, Maxayne Lewis, Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters