jeudi 1 janvier 2009

Euclid Beach Band "Euclid Beach Band" (1979)

1 - Don't Play That Song
2 - There's A Moon Out Tonight
3 - Karen
4 - I Need You
5 - There's No Surf In Cleveland
6 - End Of The World
7 - You Make It Easy
8 - Don't You Know What You Mean To Me
9 - So Hard To Say Goodbye
10 - You're The One

Euclid Beach Band : Dan Hardlicka (Vocals), John Hart (Vocals) & Peter Hewitt (Guitars, Percussion & Vocals)
Producers : Eric Carmen & Peter Hewitt
Additional musicians : Bob Babbitt, John Barranco, Richard Bell, Ronald Bell, Eric Carmen, Charles Collins, Steve Gelfand, Juan Gomez, Diva Gray, Paul Griffin, Don Kriss, Don Krueger, Yvonne Lewis, Suzanne Lynch, Hugh McCracken, Ullanda McCullough, Jimmy Maelen, Rick Marotta, Jeff Mironov, Rob Mounsey, Don Payne, Rodney Psyka, Richard Reising, Erik Robertson, David Sanborn, Stanley Sheldon, George Sipl & Joe Ward