lundi 22 décembre 2008

Yvonne Elliman "Night Flight" (1978)

1 - Baby, Don't Let It Mess Your Mind
2 - In A Stranger's Arms
3 - I'll Be Around
4 - Lady Of The Silver Spoon
5 - Down The Backstairs Of My Life
6 - If I Can't Have You
7 - Prince Of Fools
8 - Sally Go Round The Roses
9 - Up To The Man In You
10 - Sailing Ships

Producer : Robert Appere
Guitars : Ben Benay, Robert Bowles, Steve Cropper, Lowell George, Steve Hunter, Davey Johnstone, Danny Kortchmar, Dean Parks
Bass : Scott Edwards, Dee Murray, Lee Sklar, Paul Stallworth
Keyboards : Sonny Burke, Eric Carmen, Craig Doerge, James Newton Howard, Freddie Perren, William "D" Smith
Drums :Michael Baird, James Gadson, Richard Hayward, Jim Keltner, Russ Kunkel
Percussion : Gary Coleman, Paulinho Da Costa, Baboo Pierre, Bob Zimitti
Saxophone : Jim Horn
Horns : Chuck Findley, Jackie Kelso
Background vocals : Eric Carmen, Kathy Collier, Kiki Dee, Yvonne Elliman, Donny Gerrard, Venette Gloud, Henry Kapono, Marti McCall, Cecilio Rodriguez, Carmen Twillie & Maxine Willard Waters