mercredi 31 décembre 2008

Brooklyn Dreams "Sleepless Nights" (1979)

1 - Make It Last
2 - That's Not The Way That Your Mama Taught You To Be
3 - Sleepless Nights / Send Me A Dream
4 - Fashion For Me
5 - First Love
6 - Street Man
7 - Touching In The Dark
8 - Long Distance
9 - Coming Up The Hard Way
10 - Heaven Knows

Brooklyn Dreams : Joe Esposito (Guitars & Vocals), Eddie Hokenson (Percussion & Vocals) & Bruce Sudano (Guitars, Keyboards & Vocals)
Producer : Bob Esty
Additional musicians : Lamar Alsop, Michael Baird, Michael Bracker, Lew Del Gatto, Jerry Doucette, Scott Edwards, Bob Esty, Victor Feldman, Chuck Findley, Jay Graydon, Ed Greene, Gary Herbig, Jerry Hey, David Hungate, Dick Hyde, Jerry Jumonville, Jon Kip, Gayle Levant, Jessy Levy, David Luell, Gary Lumia, Steve Madaio, Matthew Raimondi, Chuck Rainey, Bill Reichenbach, Lee Ritenour, Barry Rogers, Thom Rotella, Sid Sharp, Lew Soloff, Donna Summer, Snuffy Walden, Jaï Winding & Don Wyman